Double MuggingBull RidingMutton Busting
  • Double Mugging

    Double Mugging is an event where one cowboy ropes a steer and another cowboy on the ground attempts to bull dog the animal to the ground. The cowboy on the horse dismounts and helps the other cowboy. The object is to get the steer to the ground and tied as fast as possible. Many rodeo fans come just to watch the Double Mugging.

  • Bull Riding

    Bull riding is a well known wild and exciting event. This rodeo sports involves a rider getting on a large bull and attempting to stay mounted while the animal attempts to buck off the rider.

  • Mutton Busting

    In this event, a sheep is held still, either in a small chute or by an adult handler while a child is placed on top in a riding position. Once the child is seated atop the sheep, the sheep is released and usually starts to run in an attempt to get the child off.

JJ Harrison Rodeo Entertainer

JJ Harrison grew up in the small town of Okanogan located in Northern Washington State.  It’s no surprise that he landed in his chosen profession.  “I have always loved to perform and make people laugh…from the classroom to the arena”

Starting a Rodeo Clown career after eight years of teaching for Walla Walla public schools however isn’t the normal path. For JJ though, very little about him is normal.  “I think I’m the only clown with a Masters degree.”  It was tough to leave behind a steady job and benefits to pursue a dream but for JJ it was a risk worth taking.  “I believe a Rodeo Clown has the power to create a bridge from fans to contestants and rodeo in general.”

JJ is a kid magnet and his efforts are not going unseen.  He has been booked at many of the PRCA’s top events.

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